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I would describe the past three months as joyful, thrilling, crazy, and emotional. “Why?” might you ask. Because twelve weeks ago, John Robert and I became parents. We can both say without a doubt that that was the happiest day of our life together. Whenever I start reminiscing about the first minute our baby was born, my mind instantly replays John Robert’s face with soft, sweet gentle joy and tears as he told me we have a boy. “It’s a boy, Grace! It’s a boy!” I hear him say. Wow. We’re parents. That’s the crazy part. Not because it’s an insane idea that we’re parents, but probably because I still can’t get it in my head that I’m a mom and he’s a dad. The feeling is still so foreign.

Eight days after our munchkin was born, we celebrated our two year wedding anniversary. We had fun reflecting on the past year and how much we had done, which consisted of taking frequent trips to Shenandoah National Park, Sky Meadows State Park, and family vacation in South Carolina. John Robert and I also managed to save up for the down payment for the 5th wheel as well as found the perfect 5th wheel for a blooming family. And planning for a baby. And in the meantime working on some great art pieces for a few patrons. The year was packed.

But what’s a 5th wheel worth without a means to haul it? That’s the next step toward a traveling. A lot of prayer is needed as we look to make a decision about what kind of truck we’ll be driving and using to tow the 5th wheel. Will we make subtle baby steps, safe and cautious, staying smart and responsible in this next big buy. We’d be able to put the best down payment on a truck, but it would take longer and more time. Or shall we be bold and brave, faithful and courageous in making a speedy plunge toward this purchase. We’d be able to be on the road, making small trips and starting to cover the east coast. Time wouldn’t be standing still. But we know what they say, slow and steady wins the race.

Before I end this post, I have to say thank you to everyone and all of the special people in our life {{you know who you are}} for rooting for us, supporting us, and praying for us. Your friendship and love has meant so much. Our family is touched and forever grateful for having you in our life.


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With all forms of fortune telling, I feel like they’re a joke. Fortune cookies especially make me laugh. Sometimes being so generalized, any fortune could apply to any person. But the one above did give me a big smile. Now, I’m not superstitious, and especially not with cookies that have a piece of paper with printed words that come prepackaged and with your meal. But again, the one above did give me a big smile.

Children have always been important in my life. I grew up as the second oldest of nine kids. Children were everywhere. I was a big time babysitter for my parents, as well as helper around the house. However, out of the past 21 years of my little life I didn’t

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Baby Pennington's Second Photo-shoot     Baby Pennington's Second Photo-shoot
 Front view of looking down at face                            Front view with arm
19 weeks


It was an absolutely gorgeous day with a clear blue sky, cool breeze, and warm sunshine as we drove to the Fairfax Radiology Center.  Nothing could make the day more beautiful than the fact that I was going see my baby again. With John Robert and my Mom, I waited with immense anticipation

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